Life Between Lives Experience

This blog was posted by my colleague and fellow Newton Institute Life Between Lives facilitator Marcus Sorensen. It is fabulous and captures the incredible experience of a Life Between Lives session. For additional posts by Marcus, follow him at
Sitting in the spring sunshine of California, in the hills somewhere behind San Francisco, I wonder to myself: “Is this really real?”
The boundaries of reality had been shaken almost beyond recognition over the previous four hours. Shaken is perhaps not the right word – more stretched and reshaped to a point where they could never contract back to the shape they once had.
In physics, there is a concept known as Young’s Modulus, which I learnt about once upon a time at construction school. It relates to the elasticity of a material, and how it regains its original shape after being stretched. However, there is a point where a material is stretched so far that it loses its elastic ability, and cannot go back to the shape it previously was. It snaps, breaks, cracks.
That was me, following Young’s Modulus, forever changed. My notions of life, death, time and space were broken, and the sunshine on my skin felt like a new dawn.
The setting was a course for experienced hypnotherapists in the art of Life Between Lives Regression, taking clients back to the time they are in soul form between their incarnations.
Maybe a small pause here to allow that notion to settle.
Soul form. Between incarnations.
It was organized by the Newton Institute, founded by Dr. Michael Newton, author of “Journey of Souls” and several other books with detailed research on the Inter-Life, based on more than 7000 client case studies. At the beautiful San Damiano retreat, attentively run by Franciscan monks, the last five days had been spent exploring the ways to take clients deep enough into theta brainwave state to access their Super-Conscious mind, where their “soul memories” are stored, learning the lay of the land in the world of souls, discussing the potential and implications of this work on a global scale… Changing the world, one soul at a time.
My teacher-mentor appears in front of me, making me squint at first as the afternoon sun is right over the hills behind him, but then he positions himself attentively so his silhouette shields my eyes from the bright golden rays. He asks how I am doing, and how my life will be different now.
I have so much to say and no words to describe it.
After a long, gentle induction and deepening, as it is called in hypnotherapy speak, my colleague Dawn had taken me right to the gateway of the world of souls after I experienced dying in a previous lifetime. That was not the bit that stretched my reality, as I had tried it before at the Past Life Regression workshop in London.
No, the part that started putting Young’s Modulus to the test was when I went with my spirit guide to my Council of Wisdom, a small group of higher spiritual beings who had gathered to check on my progress as a soul, and I discovered my soul’s purpose.
For years the question would be asked of me in homework modules at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and I never had a succinct answer: “What is your life purpose?” Everything interests me and I consequently do a bit of everything. How could that possibly be distilled into a singular purpose?
Right there, in front of my Council of Wisdom, it became clear.
Here is my attempt at an explanation of something that seemed to come from my deepest memory banks and telepathically from the Council at the same time:
I am a shape-shifter, an imprinter, who travels between places and dimensions, getting a feel for people, things and concepts, and bringing those “blueprints” back to others so they can learn from them, enjoy them, feel into them themselves. Exactly as I am doing right now, writing this blog post in cyberspace, bringing the essence and lived experience of my learning in those California hills to you. Like I did from the coast of Kenya in Lamu, like I did from the Himalayas in Nepal, and like I did on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Like I have been doing my whole life.
And there is a deeper purpose to this imprinting and sharing: it is to awaken a wider range of frequencies in other souls so they can reach the next stage of their evolution. I saw and understood this whole explanation in pictures: it is as if the soul is a rainbow and it contains all possible colours, including ones that are invisible to the naked human eye. In some people some of those colours can get obscured or lost during their incarnations. My purpose (and joy!) is to go around holding a very wide spectrum of colour, and those who are called can sort of “overlap” with a part of that rainbow and enliven the parts of their own that need a boost. This allows them to hold more energy in their system when their whole rainbow is shining brightly, which in turn speeds their evolution.
So much of my life suddenly made sense. My curious notions as a child, my annoyance that a smell-recorder did not exist, my wish for teleportation, the shape-shifting I have done within this one lifetime, the conviction that I was just passing through places and would report back elsewhere with my observations… And the joy of learning new things, getting a feel for stuff, enjoying sharing it with others. Flashing all the colours of the rainbow – and then some.
It was incredibly touching (among much else that was incredible) when I first arrived in the world of souls, after dying in the past life and rising in soul form. I was greeted by a whole group of other souls who had come to enliven me with frequencies that I had awakened in them, once upon a time… Some brought me yellow, some vibrated brown, others overlapped me gently with orange, yet others shared a shade of infra-red. Rainbow karma return. This infusion of all the frequencies they offered me restored my energy from passing over in the past life. And then they joined together in a sort of cloud-like flying carpet, transported me to the door of my Council, and plopped me down at the door, leaving me perfectly ready for the Big Insights within.
Much more was revealed during what could have been four minutes or four days that I spent in deep hypnosis, connected to my Super-Conscious mind and its magic and wisdom, but it is perhaps time for another reality check on that Californian hillside.
My teacher listened to the enthusiastic, erratically ordered account of my experience, and then encouraged me to take this work out into the world. One soul at a time. He also smiled understandingly when I said I wanted to have another Life Between Lives session myself again soon. He has had a handful himself. And how could it not be a bit addictive to discover the realms of one’s truest eternal soul? What struck me most profoundly about the whole experience was that no one else was telling me these things: there was no psychic, medium or clairvoyant channeling information to me. Every word came out of my own mouth, freely and voluntarily, in response to broad and open questions that Dawn picked from a list I had written for her myself.
This was Me speaking to me – which makes it all even more real-unreal at the same time. The four-hour recording of the session is certainly very real, and when Young’s Modulus leaves me pondering the nature of my reality, I can listen to my own words ringing out with a much wiser Me’s understanding of it All.
I am sure there will be more adventures to be shared in the coming time from these other realms.
– by Marcus