Past Life Regression

Stored in your subconscious mind  are memories of experiences you had in other lifetimes.  Tapping into these memories enables you to see your soul’s experiences in other bodies and brings a higher awareness and understanding of your soul.  Very often this awareness brings a deep healing and change in your current incarnation and a deeper understanding of your character.

A past life regression using the hypnotic process will lead you back to another place and time so you may fully experience the lessons and learning from a previous  life, allowing you to apply this wisdom to your current life and gain a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose. You may gain much insight about your relationships, fears and challenges as well as understand choices you have made and behavior patterns that may be reoccurring in your current incarnation. . Exploring experiences in the safety of a past life regression allows negative unconscious patterns to be released and healed.

Every life you live creates an energy vibration.  You take that energy as you move through the reincarnational cycle.  Often unresolved energy from a past life can influence your participation in your current life.  It can be constructive to revisit a past life, not to find out what role you played, but to understand the dramatics of that energy that could be causing a blockage.

Exploring your past life experiences can result in improved mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. A Past Life Regression can optimize your healing by clearing the physical and emotional stress out of the body, restoring the neurological system to a pattern of health and can integrate the full meaning of the experience on a mental and emotional level. A Past Life Regression can help you reconnect with your Higher Self and find peace with the spiritual purpose of your past life experiences and can give you a powerful experience of self healing and energy medicine.

Resolution, Healing and Enlightenment

“What distinguishes a past life therapist from a Life Between Lives Therapist is understanding the different context of healing between the subconscious and superconscious mind.  In past life regression therapy, the therapist actively facilitates healing within the subconscious mind based on the imprinting of mental or emotional energies from the past life and has a number of tools to do this.  In Life Between Lives Therapy, the therapist is secondary to the process.  It is the soul’s intention for healing and resolution that leads to the outcome.  The Life Between Lives Therapist’s expertise is knowing how to engage in a dialogue with the soul, spirit guide, or council, and understanding the context of healing within each interaction (and others in the spiritual dimension).  Whether it is past life therapy, or Life Between Lives Therapy, the therapist is only a facilitator, a guide, towards healing or resolution, never the cause of it.  The cause of healing is always you.”   – Jonathan Yorks, LBL Trainer

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“Same Soul, Many Bodies”, “Messages from the Masters” and “Miracles Happen” by Dr. Brian Weiss

Once you have experienced a successful Past Life Regression you may choose to experience a “Life Between Lives” session.  For information click on “Life Between Lives”

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“Journey of Souls”, “Destiny of Souls” and “Memories of the Afterlife” by Dr. Michael Newton