"My session with Sylvia McLeod to explore my journeys in the soul realm between my various lifetimes was profound, enlightening, and healing. I am a mother of four children, and two of my children have died, wounds so deep that they can only be explored in deep therapy. Before losing Matthew and Tom, I had already experienced around a hundred past-life sessions under hypnosis, research for my trilogy, The Mind Chronicles. This year the time had come to go to the soul level, the realms between lifetimes, to better understand my great losses.

When I came to see Sylvia in 2017, almost twenty years after my first loss of a son, I needed help with a few serious issues, things that were still making my heart ache every day: My sons and I did not have the opportunity to say good-bye because they died in sudden accidents. And, in both cases, I have not been able to be certain about what actually killed them, a deeply wounding uncertainly. In one session, Sylvia and I were able to see that both the boys actually had said goodbye to me a few weeks before their deaths because their souls knew they were soon going. Recovering this memory of my last time with them is very healing, and knowing more about the circumstances of their deaths makes it easier to live with the pain. Sylvia is a great therapist and a lovely person."

 - Barbara Hand Clow, author of The Mind Chronicles Trilogy, and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions  

“My Life between Life session with Sylvia was one of the most powerful journeys of my life. Sylvia is a highly sensitive and skilled guide and takes you effortlessly through the journey of your soul,  linking experiences, lessons, and themes from life times passed. My journey was insightful, healing and magical.  I emerged from the session with an incredible amount of integration and clarity regarding my purpose and what really matters to me.  With this invaluable self knowledge,  I feel more clear and confident moving forward in my life with my values in tact. Thank you Sylvia for an adventure of lifetimes!”

– Martina C., Santa Fe NM

“Understanding the seemingly inexplicable – that’s one of the benefits one gains through a life between lives session. Under Sylvia’s gentle and loving facilitation, I traveled to the inter-life and met my soul! Along my journey, I was accompanied by my Spirit Guide who teamed-up with Sylvia to direct my journey. They would lead the way to important realizations, powerful healing of old wounds and invaluable understanding of life purpose. What other experience affords such an incredible and enriching opportunity?

Sylvia is a gifted hypnotherapist – skilled in the art and knowledgeable of the heavenly terrain that she confidently guides one through. What an opportunity, to be fully aware and in sync with one’s highest self, to hear clearly from one’s Spirit Guide and to sit in the presence of one’s Council of Elders to receive answers to the questions that weigh heavily on one’s heart.

Choosing to schedule a life between lives sessions may be the most important decision you make for yourself. Choosing to have Sylvia facilitate the session is the second most important decision. Indeed, both are extraordinary!”

– Joanne S., Baltimore, MD

“I am very selective in who I choose to work with for personal expansion of soul work.  I felt very comfortable and trusting in Sylvia’s work. The soul-brain connection, soul travel between lives and LBL work has enhanced my personal spirit work and my healing energy work with others at a higher dimension.

Sylvia and I have become contemporaries and I have embarked on a journey to blend our work.  I am confident that the combination of our healing gifts will have a profound healing experience for those who are willing to do “their work”.”

– Vicki Strom-Medley, HEALING HEART, Healing Arts Practitioner

“I have experienced past life regression a few times in the past and it was enlightening and helpful in my life, but the LBL experience truly changed my life. It gave me a much greater understanding of my existence as a soul and my relationships, some of which I previously thought of as casual and some that are very close. I was easily regressed by Sylvia and she was able to guide me through an amazing and enlightening journey in a way that made me feel very safe and comfortable.  I highly recommend this experience to any soul that is searching for enlightenment!”

 – Trish P., Edgewood, NM

“After participating in a couple of LBL sessions facilitated by Sylvia, I can say that my life improved in many significant ways.  Here are examples:  For one, I had invested a considerable amount of emotional energy in a relationship that was not going anywhere though I knew the other person had deep feelings for me.  During one session I was able to have a conversation with this person and, though I’m not totally aware of what we said, I understood why we were stalled out and was able to let go of any hope I had for the partnership.  This has created an ease around the situation that I am most grateful for having.

I was also able to understand the dynamics in a family relationship and that knowing allowed me to accept circumstances as they are and brought me much peace.

I have gained tremendous insight as a result of this work.” –

C. O., Albuquerque, NM