Spiritual Counseling


Intuitive Readings

 Intuitive Readings look at your energy and let you know how you are doing as a spirit in a body. By connecting with your energetic body, mind and spirit, I receive clear messages concerning your current situations and blocks that you may have in your life.  When you decided to incarnate into a body on this planet you had some specific and purposeful goals.  An intuitive reading can provide clarification if you feel you have lost touch with your life purpose. If you have a question about love, finances, career, or are struggling for answers and notice you have fallen off your path then this is for you!

Card Readings

Sometimes it is nice to flip some cards…Angel Cards or Tarot cards, it is up to you.  Just make sure to ask for a card reading.  I will allow your energy to choose the right cards for you!

Readings are approximately one-hour in duration and can be given in person, or over the phone.